How To to Choose the Right SEO Firm for your Small Business

There are some important considerations every small business should think about while choosing an organization to help with their SEO needs.  Businesses, nonprofit organizations and professionals all would benefit by having someone focus on their SEO marketing.

Is the organization capable of creating appropriate and high quality articles for search engine indexing and for generating organic traffic to their website.
Is the organization recognised as a “white hat” SEO organization who will not get you into trouble down the road?
What is the breadth of services SEO that the company offers. Do they just focus on one thing, or do they take a comprehensive look at your orgnization.

How the Right SEO Team can Help Your Online Marketing

A professional SEO team  has all the skills means to deliver the most appropriate search engine marketing solutions to your organization, and be able to shift strategies as your internet marketing campaign matures. The right company will have some depth to skills and experienced, knowledgeable people.  Professional SEO services are customized according to your speciic requirements; a one-size-fits-all approach is never the right one, since every organization starts the SEO marketing process with different assets to leverage.

The Breadth of SEO Marketing Solutions

The right SEO organization will offer the following services:

• Able to coordinate your SEO an Search Marketing initiatives
• Optimizing for Social Media
• Conversion tracking and optimization
• Implementation of measurement systems, such as Google Analytics and defining other metrics of success
• SEO website disclosure
• Local and Mobile SEO
• Competitive research
• Working with your web designer to deliver on page optmization

A professional SEO team may also deliver:

• Search Engine Results Page (SERP) tracking
• Social marketing
• SEO writing services (with tools to manage page keyword density)
• Link building services (beware of purchased links. That’s a no no)
• Press release and article distribution
• The development and managing of email campaigns and PPC ads
• Local SEO
• Reputation management and tracking
• Web design services
• Conversion optimization of pay per click ads
• Development of business case studies and success storeis
• Services tailored to the needs of small businesses

Characteristics of a Good SEO Team

A a good SEO crew will be carry out these services in a cost effective manner, and be able to adjust their approach as the circumstances dictate. It’s very important to invest your time upfront in your new SEO team, so they understand your goals and the limits of what you will allow them to do.

Be upfront with the team that you must retain control of any accounts that are created in the execution of your SEO strategy. For example, if your team suggests creating a Squidoo Lens, you must control the content on the lens by being the owner of the account.