Opening Email in Microsoft Outlook PST Files without Outlook

It happens all of the time. Someone leaves their job, but wants to take their emails with them. They hunt around in Outlook and discover the location of their PST file. A PST file contains all of the emails, calendar items, notes, and contacts that the user has accumulated in Outlook.  Losing this information would be a great loss to an employee. The PST file often contains proof of an employee’s work performance, a chronology of their travels and meetings, and the contact information for potential references and company contacts.

What happens if you get your PST file home but you don’t have Outlook? Is there any way to open a PST file without Microsoft Outlook?  Now there is!

PST Viewer software applications are now a reasonable alternative to purchasing an expensive Microsoft Office suite.  Pst viewers do not require that Outlook be installed on the computer, and can provide quick access to email messages and the other aforementioned data inside a pst file.  Some PST viewer’s also provide expanded features such as search, mass exporting of emails to pdf and and other formats. Some can also read email contents other PST files, such as msg, eml and ost files.

There is a wide range of quality of Outlook pst viewers. Some free viewers are not worth the time to install, since they are not capable of opening large pst files, or else are missing key features like accessing file attachments or exporting email to PDF.  When selecting a PST viewer, be sure that the installer file is signed. This will cause Outlook to display the author information when the installer is started. Without this information, you really don’t know who is the author of the software.

Pst files have been around since as long as Outlook, or about 15 years.  Outlook is the most widely used email software application in corporate environments. Over its history, PST files have often proven to be unstable. The infamous 2GB file limit would frequently cause users to lose access to their email stash.  Since Outlook 2003, PST files have become much more stable, and now PST files often exceed 2 GB without any incident.

If Outlook is not what you want to get invested in, yet you still need to have access to PST files, download a PST viewer and you’ll be good to go. You can start your search with Pst Viewer Lite, a very affordable Outlook viewer you can try free for 15 days without any obligation. Besides Outlook pst files, it can open Outlook .ost files, .msg, .eml and .mhtml files.  You can read more about Pst Viewer Lite here.