Three Google Lattitude Alternatives For Location Sharing

Google is killing it’s Lattitude location sharing service on August 9, 2013.  This niche service has been used by friends and families to keep in touch and to be able to find each others location.  In Google Lattitude, your location was shown as a pin on a map.


EchoEcho is probably the Lattitude alternative that my friends and I will settle on. It’s available across IOS, Blackberry, Android and Windows. You can share your locations with specific friends and set the duration of the location sharing.  Friends appear as pins on a map.  You can text your friends directly through EchoEcho and find places nearby.


Life360 is a free service focused on connecting families. I love their Android app, which is very similar to Lattitude. The focus on adding your family members, and not friends, limits the usefulness. Any friends you would add through the service would receive the same location broadcasts for everyone in your Life360 circle.  While I don’t mind sharing my location with some of my friends, I don’t really want my friends tracking my entire family. Life360 is perfect for the narrow niche it was designed for.



Glympse is a person-to-person real time location sharing service. You can share your location for a set amount of time to Twitter, Facebook, Evernote and other apps. Create map trails of your journey.  Glympse is available for IOS, Windows, Android and Blackberry.

Can you think of others, or do you have comments about these services?  Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.